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Becoming a Merit Badge Counselor

Step 1. Pick a merit badge

Have a look at all the merit badges and pick the ones you would like to help with:

Step 2. Complete the required training.

As of November 1, according to NCAC ARC guidelines, all new MBCs must now provide evidence that they’ve completed training for the position before they can be approved. The training is four short videos, accessible from just like YPT.

Step 3. Apply


    1. it may ask you if you want to “transfer” or “continue” – click on “continue” so it doesn’t muck up your unit registration.
    2. be sure if prompted to indicate that you’re applying for position code 42, merit badge counselor
    3. the system is a little glitchy, and near the end, it may seem like you are hung and being timed out – don’t worry, and especially don’t go back and try again. I can see applications that are at that point, and approve them onto the District roster. Just email me to let me know you’ve completed the online portion.
  • Second, you’ll need to email two documents to the committee chair:
    1. Complete an MBC Information Form (found here) and send to &
    2. Confirmation that you’ve completed the online MBC training. You get to that in the BSA Learning Center via Once you’ve watched the four short videos (takes about a half hour), you’ll get a confirmation message on your screen – take a screenshot of that, making sure that your name, which is in small letters at the top, is in the screenshot and send to &

Note that you must complete both the online process and submit the form & confirmation before you can be approved onto the Goose Creek District MBC roster.

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