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Troop Program Resources

Troop Program Resources is designed to serve as a planning tool for troop leaders. Its aim is to provide resources that contribute to making parts of the troop meeting more meaningful, engaging, and fun.

The ideas and examples contained in Troop Program Resources can be used by troop leaders and Scouts in various positions:

      • For the Patrol Leaders’ Council eager to plan an activity that fits well with a current theme, or will help add a whole lot of fun to the meeting, there’s a large compilation of Troop Meeting Activities.

      • For the Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmasters, and junior leaders who want to become more confident in their ability to present campcraft skills, there’s a reference library of Campcraft Skill Videos.

      • For the Scoutmaster, Senior Patrol Leader, and individual patrols, there’s information about presenting impressive Troop Meeting Ceremonies, along with a collection of ideas and examples.

      • For the Scoutmaster and Adult Leaders, there’s an extensive library of thought-provoking Leader’s Minutes that will capture and hold the troop’s attention towards the meeting’s end.

Troop leaders are encouraged to apply and adapt the material on these pages, so that it conforms with their troop’s style, and best meets their troop’s individual needs.

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